Should you buy a tackle box or a tackle backpack?

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Tackle boxes come in all shapes and sizes from the small hook, jig, and fly organizers to the large multi-compartment tackle box. Today you can find the made from several different types of materials as well. From the newer nylon, tot bags to the old reliable metal tackle boxes and even some fine heavy duty plastic tackle boxes.

Finding and choosing the right fishing tackle backpacks can be a challenge in its self. The choice will depend on what type of gear you fish with and just how much tackle you feel comfortable with when you are on the river.

There are times where through the course of a day you will switch between drift fishing, plunking, float fishing, and maybe even trying your luck with a fly. If this were the case, I would recommend that you find a large multi-compartment tackle box.

There will be times where all you need through the course of the day is just some of the basic fishing supplies and you do not want to be packing a large tackle box around all day.

If you purchase a tackle box which has removable utility boxes you can feel them with the different gear for each type of fishing and just pack them where ever you plan on fishing instead of taking all you tackle most of which you may not need.

You will also find some of the newer tackle bags or tote bags which are becoming very popular among anglers today.

Whatever you need, we are sure you will find some great deals here. So start searching for a tackle box that is right for you and keep your tackle organized and safe from the environmental conditions that Old Mother Nature will throw at you from time to time.