Tips for Taking care of your Trees According to Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

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Prune your tree on a Regular Basis:

Pruning a tree regularly is like getting a health checkup once a year. If there is anything out of whack a plan of fix can be put in place and remedy the negatives. The same is for a tree and regular pruning. Pruning should include the removal of weak and dead tree limbs. Light pruning and removing dead limbs can be done anytime but pruning to reduce height or canopy spread should be done according to prescribed time frames.

Typically, trees are pruned during the dormant season. That is when the tree is literally asleep.
Pruning and trimming a tree during that time will minimize the sap flow and the attraction of disease carrying bugs.

Add Mulch ring to the base of the tree:

Adding a mulch ring to the base of the tree insulates the soil to provide a buffer from hot and cold temperatures. Mulch will also retain water and keep the roots moist. A mulch ring around the tree will prevent the tree from getting hit with the lawn mower.

Provide Hydration to your Tree:

Newly planted trees should be watered immediately after planting. Trees should be watered regularly for the first two growing seasons, especially in drought conditions. It is during the first two growing seasons the tree establishes its root system. Soaking the area around the tree for a few minutes every other day in non-rainy weather will keep the roots and soil moist. Beginning with the third growing season, watering is not as critical, especially if there is a mulch layer around the tree that holds water.

If you live in an area where it snows or gets excessively cold, it will help your tree if it is prepared for winter. Before it gets too cold and water freezes, water your trees well. That will give your tree enough root and soil moisture during its dormant period. If you have mulch around your tree, put in fresh mulch if the existing mulch has been in place for more than 6 months.

Check branches for deficiencies such as cracks and breaks. Remove those branches as they will most likely break during a heavy snow storm or high winds. Thinning the branches in the tree every few years will let the wind to whip through the tree and not take branches with it.

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